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Masterton Self-Storage

Cleaner, Drier, And The Most Secure Self Storage In Masterton


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Self-Storage for household items, furniture, business stock, tradie tools, plant and equipment, travellers and reps promotional items and samples, cars, boats, motor-homes and caravans. Even police have approved this facility for firearm storage.

Our Price Will Not Be Beaten.

Comparing Prices? How to get the best price. You are reading this because you probably need to store some stuff somewhere. Welcome to THE best self-storage facility in the Wairarapa. If you can find another self-storage facility anywhere in the Wairarapa that can match or better our facility’s standards (all of them) and at the same time provide you with a better price, then we will better their price by a massive 50% less (for details read below).


Safe And Secure

All lockups and or common areas are protected by a security alarm system which is monitored by Monitor New Zealand – 24/7. This is like having a guard on site right outside your lockup’s door. In addition, there are 18 CCTV cameras that are also operating 24/7 with a 15-day hard drive backup. That means we know when people are on site, what they are doing, and when they leave. Big Brother is watching, and the insurance companies love it so you will too.

The Masterton Self-Storage Price Challenge.

Our challenge to you is; if you can find (anywhere in the Wairarapa) where you can pay less for your self-storage than at our place and it is cleaner, has more sophisticated electronic security alarm and monitoring systems, has more CCTV surveillance cameras, is drier and better ventilated (all lockups at Masterton Self-Storage are built exactly the same way as a modern house), and has staff either on site or available to help you every day (including Saturdays, Sundays, and statutory holidays – during daylight hours only) (not just one but all of these benefits) we will better their price by not 15%, not 20%, but a massive 50%. That means we won’t be beaten on neither standards nor price (i.e., what you get for your money).

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