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A finger up the bum is not pleasant butt…… 

Fish for lunch anyone? They’ve been catching them like this for millions of  years. 

Storage Hints And Tips – “We do not try to be all things to all people.”

I love sayings and this month’s saying is, “When all is said and done, more is  said than done”. Just like our politicians. Speaking of politicians, read below  what Marcas Cicero said in Rome in 43BC as it is still true today.

What To Pay Less For Your Storage? 


October and November Are Prostate Awareness Months.

I know a digital test of the prostate is not pleasant but spare
a thought for the poor doctor who must do it and the ladies
in our lives that endure the discomfort, and for many I’m
sure, the embarrassment of a smear test.

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but fortunate enough to catch it very early. When I was first told I had this disease I, like most others, was shocked. I was given the treatment options but when I replied with, “What if I do nothing” the response was, ‘I wouldn’t recommend that’. Besides prostate cancer killed by beloved father. Early detection meant I was a suitable candidate for a process called Brachytherapy. Brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy where a sealed radiation source is placed inside or next to the area requiring treatment. I know some men need major surgery followed by chemotherapy, but Brachytherapy was very quick and if I hadn’t been told I was in for that procedure I would never have known.
Today, eleven years later, I’m still very fit and healthy and continue to make a real nuisance of myself. Every year I catch up with the specialist for a digital examination with a PSA reading of just 0.07 – which it has been for years.

Fish for lunch anyone?

In July of this year, I went to Darwin with a hiking group. While in the Kakadu National Park at a place called Cahills Crossing (Google it), I snapped this photo on my iPhone – by chance. It’s like a river but it is tidal. Every time the tide comes in it brings the fish (lunch in this case) with it. There would have been about 20 salt-water crocodiles lying in wait and they don’t go hungry. This guy would have been about 4m long and the fish in its mouth was trying to escape – but it didn’t.

Self-Storage Hints And Tips – “We do not try to be all things to all people.”

  • Here’s a beautiful little story, ‘A person was being wheeled into the operating theater and asked the anesthetist for a discount. The anesthetist replied with, “Sure, how much pain would like to feel”? In other wors, we will feel the pain if a  business can’t make some kind of profit because otherwise, they must cut  corners to survive. Therefore, we are not the cheapest, but we do provide (while others do not), but not limited to, monitored security alarms, 19 CCTV so 

no blind spots, and an architecturally designed purpose-built facility so your  stuff is better protected, and stays cleaner and drier. 

  • No need to make an appointment to get help here. We have staff on site every weekday except statutory holidays. Plus, we are available to take your phone calls every day including weekends and statutory holidays during daylight  hours. 
  • No litter or rubbish.
  • No condensation in winter or oven-like temperatures in summer as experienced in the just 3 shipping containers we have.
  • No buildings maintained not attended to.
  • No time wasted because of direct access to State Highway 2. Easy to find because our location is State Highway 2.

Don’t You Just Hate Elections – and politicians who are only in it for themselves?

How To Save On Your Storage Fees. 

Everyone is looking to save money where they can and although we almost never give discounts we do give good deals. We have printed this latest offer on business card size and all you need to do is put your name on it and hand it to someone who needs storage. When they bring it in, they’ll get ½ the third month FREE and each time we get a new customer you’ll get a FREE week – which will show as a credit to your account or refunded when you vacate. It’s a win-win-win as we won’t have to spend money on advertising to get the business – we’d much rather you benefit than the media giants. You can either print the voucher off this email, or request we post you some cards, or you can collect some cards from the office during our usual business hours, or you can even capture it as an image of it on your phone’s camera and forward it to a friend, colleague, or family member (just make sure they put your name on it so we know it’s come from you). Easy, we all win. It’s win-win-win.

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Oh PPS: When you use a self-storage facility you are buying a license to use a lockup,  space, or room. It is not a rental. To renew your license all you need do is pay for another  term, which, after the first month, could be by the week, fortnight, month, 3-month, 6-month,  9-month, or 12-month term (and in some cases longer). When you renew your license, it  means you agree with all the terms and conditions of the most current MSLL License  Agreement (LA) – which is available at the office, or a copy can be emailed to you, or at the  website at https://storagemasterton.nz/blog/ – no need to sign a new agreement unless you  want or need to. This also means, because it is a license, you are not required to give notice  when you are about to vacate for the last time.