5 Biggest Mistakes

These Are The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Selecting A Self-Storage Facility.

1.You think all self-storage facilities must be the same.

It’s a fact that no 2 customers have the same amount of stuff to store. That’s why out of a total of 210 lockup storage units we have built 27 different sizes. That means we are more likely to have the right size lock-up for you and therefore you won’t be paying for more space than you need.

2.Storing stuff with friends or family.

Yes, we know this is the cheapest storage but because it takes up so much space your friends or family can become frustrated as it often becomes an invasion of their space.

3.Shipping containers.

If the stuff you want to store has little or no value then storing your stuff in a shipping container could be the answer because they are cheap. Shipping containers are designed to be shipping containers – which are steel boxes designed to move goods around the world over short periods of time. However, unless modified for the purpose they sweat, they get very hot in summer, and they get very cold and damp with condensation in winter.

We have customers here that have moved out of shipping containers and in to a purpose-built facility because some of their stuff had been damaged or ruined.

4.Moving your stuff, yourself.

Some customers say they’ll save money by moving their stuff in themselves – but it can be a false economy. By making this comment we are not trying to generate more business because we are not professional movers. We accept that it costs to employ professional movers but there are many benefits, including; some of your stuff is heavy which means because their guys are strong, and they have the right equipment, your stuff is less likely to get damaged – or it damaging you. The other major benefit is, because they stack furniture like it’s going into a truck, they are far more efficient and that means a smaller lock-up with us, and that means less in storage fees for you.

5.Believing your stuff is covered by insurance while it’s in storage.

As a rule, self-storage facilities don’t and can’t provide insurance for their customers –this includes Masterton Self-Storage. Our advice to our customers is; if you have
contents insurance just let your insurer know (in writing or by email) where your stuff is stored and your currents policy should be tagged to cover your stuff in storage. Insurance companies love our facility because it’s purpose-built facility with state-of-the-art monitoring and security alarms systems by ADT and Armourguard with CCTV cameras.

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