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The Real Truth That Shipping Container Self-Storage Companies Hope You Never Find Out.

This photo was taken 29 June 2019 when we were experiencing heavy frosts. If you look closely you’ll see water-droplets on the roof. The floor was damp because of this.

The Real Truth That Shipping Container Self-Storage Companies Hope You Never Find Out.

Just 1.5% of Masterton Self-Storage’s lockup stock is shipping containers. The 98.5% balance of our facility are proper purpose-built storage lockups – built the same as a modern house.

Our advice is; if the stuff you propose to store is of any value to you don’t use shipping containers for storage. That’s because of condensation. See the droplets of water in the photo here? They are from condensation. For more information on condensation in shipping containers click here and read the second-half of this article. Here is the test; Ask any shipping container storage company if they will not only refund your money but pay for any damage to your stuff if it gets damp inside from condensation. We can do this because we are absolutely 100% sure your stuff will stays free from condensation in our purpose-built storage .

Also Beware Of Some Furniture Removal Firms That Don’t Care.

Some furniture removal firms will offer to help find storage for your stuff but often they are looking for the quickest and easiest solutions for themselves – which unfortunately for your stuff could be a shipping container. Therefore, if your stuff is of any value to you do your due diligence on where it’s going. As previously mentioned, if you stuff has limited value or can take dampness a shipping container can be ideal.

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