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Terms & Conditions For Masterton Storage & Lockups Limited (MSLL).

Masterton Self Storage website is owned and operated by Masterton Storage And Lockups Limited. The reader of these terms and conditions accept that the website and Terms And Conditions included here may change from time to time without prior notice.

General Conditions

1. The MSLL License Agreement (LA) includes all and a full set of terms and conditions of trade. A LA is available by requesting a copy, but it is a copyright document to MSLL which means copying all or parts of the LA for use other than with MSLL is prohibited.

2. MSLL customers are called ‘storers’. The storer agrees they will be issued a licenced to use commercial premises and not entering into a commercial lease or tenancy agreement therefore the Residential Tenancy Act or general conditions of commercial Deed of Lease do not apply. This also means the storer is not required to give notice of the day they intend to vacate.

3. The ‘term’ (length of time) of a storage lockup licence is per week, per month, or per 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and expires at the end of each term. The storer may change their licence ‘term’ at any time, but they must first notify MSLL. Fees are always paid in advance of the first or any term. Paying fees on or before the due date automatically renews the storer’s licence. The storer accepts they are still liable for ‘term’ license fees until any swipe-card/s issued is returned to MSLL. MSLL, at its sole discretion, reserves the right not to reissue or renew the storer’s licence when the ‘term’ expires. In this instance the storer will be issued a notice to vacate in writing either by text or email or both. The storer accepts there are no part ‘terms’ i.e., part-weeks, or part-months.

4. Storers must provide a current Driver License as identification for security reasons. MSLL will take a copy on its files.

5. Long-Term License Agreement: All long-term discount options are totally risk-free because if the storer’s circumstances change and they need to vacate before the end of their term they are simply refunded (by the full month only) those months they did not use – all that happens is they lose their discount.

6. Because the LA is typically on a set term basis MSLL may review and adjust the storage licence, including fees, at the end of each or any term or annually, whichever the sooner, giving 20-days’ notice. Fee increases from 5% pa can be backdated to the beginning of the new term or annual period at the sole discretion of MSLL. If an annual increase has been missed, then a catchup percentage can be applied to be consistent with the most current pricelist.

7. A bond is not required for a storage lockup. However, the MSLL facility is only accessible after hours if a storer has been issued a swipe-card. Therefore, MSLL requires a $200.00 bond which ensures the return of the swipe card. The MSLL office is open from 10am to 4pm every weekday except statutory holidays. However, storers that have been issued a swipe-card will have 7-day-a-week access from 6am to 6pm.

8. The storer can book a lockup in advance but the booking is not secured until at least a booking deposit is paid (as determined solely by MSLL) or the first term’s fees are paid in full. By paying the licence booking fees the storer acknowledges they have read, understood, and therefore accept all terms and conditions in this LA even if they have not signed it off. If the storer decides to cancel this LA between date they paid the booking deposit and the ‘Start Date’ on the LA the storer agrees they forfeit their booking deposit (or a sum equal to one month’s fee) which will be deducted from their booking deposit before any balance is refunded.

9. Lien: All stuff in storage is subject to a general lien for fees and any other amounts owing to MSLL under this LA. If any amounts are not paid on the due date in accordance with this LA, MSLL may take possession of any or all of the storer’s stuff and may sell or dispose of the stuff, including in accordance with any action plan set out in the LA.

10. Expenses Rates for damage caused by the storer or emergency callouts etc: $45.00 per ¼ hour for all employees’ time (including travelling time and invoice-preparation time), $2.00 per Km for vehicle travel, all hiring of plant and equipment expenses including all goods and services will be charged at cost plus 25%, plus GST. All invoices must be paid within seven (7) business days (or as due date noted on the invoice) or it will be considered overdue (OD). For all OD fees and expenses invoices refer to the LA. All payments made using a credit-card will incur an additional 2% bank charge.

  • 10.1. Further to Expenses Rates, once any action commences to recover expenses for such things as, but not limited to, overdue fees, expenses to clean-up, repairs or make-good, the storer agrees to pay a $450.00 + GST administration fee plus all costs and expenses (including legal expenses on a solicitor/client basis) to process the claim and recover the debt. The storer accepts they will be charged and agrees to pay all debt collection expenses.

11. Terms and conditions variations: When and each time the storer renews their licence and term, the storer is responsible for checking for variations to MSLL’s terms and conditions of trade. The storer does this by requesting a copy from MSLL of the most current LA for each renewal. By paying to renew a licence the storer accepts and agrees to all or any variations, extras, deletions, or substitutions of the LA.

12. If the storer’s contact details change during their term they agree, and are responsible for, notifying MSLL in writing (text or email) within 3 working days of any change/s.

13. The storer gives MSLL permission to text/SMS, phone, or email the storer in any/all instances where at its sole discretion believes it is necessary to do so for whatever reason regarding clauses in this LA.

14. Privacy

  • 14.1. We shall not disclose information we hold about the storer to any person, except:
  • 14.2. As required or permitted by law, or
  • 14.3. As authorised in writing by you, or
  • 14.4. To the extent reasonably required by this LA (and, without limiting the effect of this clause, a Party may disclose information only to such of its officers, employees or professional advisers and debt collections agents, on a “need to know” basis, as is reasonably required in order for the implementation of the Agreement).

15. The storer, if an individual, has a right of access to information about the storer held by MSLL. The storer may request correction of that information or may require that the request be stored with that information. MSLL may charge reasonable costs for providing access to that information.”

16. Refund policy for accessory items sold from the website:

  • 16.1. Only undamaged items will be sold therefore only undamaged items can be returned for a refund.
  • 16.2. The customer is responsible for paying all shipping expenses when returning items. 16.3. Refunds will only be returned to a nominated bank account. Therefore, the customer must supply MSLL their bank deposit details to receive their refund.