Additional Free Services For Businesses Needing Self-Storage And A Pick-up And drop-Off Point For Goods.

Many of Masterton Self-Storage’s (MSS) customers are businesses. Businesses (or companies) love to use MSS’s facility because MSS has full-time staff on site every weekday, the lockups are drier and more secure, and the property is easily accessible directly to and from State Highway 2. Most of MSS’s business customers need deliveries or pickups by trucks or couriers when their staff are NOT at their lockup, and this is where MSS solves their problem. Because MSS have staff on site every weekday from 9am to 4:15pm (except statutory holidays) MSS facilitates these deliveries and pick-ups for their business customers. MSS helps by unlocking the roller door to their lockup which allows the delivery item or items to be placed inside the lockup by the truck or courier driver. Once the delivery is complete, MSS staff will then text the company’s rep, traveller, or tradie to let them know goods have arrived for them. And finally, MSS staff will also make sure the truck or courier driver has locked the roller door to the lockup either immediately after the delivery is complete or before they go home at night. This small but convenient service supplied by MSS most certainly saves the company time and unnecessary running around expenses.

Oh PS: If the item being delivered is tiny MSS will also assist the courier driver by inviting them to drop the item off at the MSS office. MSS staff will then place the item inside the lockup during that same day or the company rep, traveller, or tradie can advise MSS they will collect the item that same day directly from the MSS office.

Other Benefits Are:

Masterton Self-Storage does not ask for or require a bond for Self-Storage Lockups, Vehicle Hardstand Self-Storage, Office Rooms, or the State Highway 2 Display Yard. This is because customers are issued a license to use these spaces instead of renting them. The only bond we take, and it is just $200.00, is for the return of the security alarm swipe card/s.

Having a license also means the business is not locked into a long-term and expensive rental agreement they do not want or need. Businesses have the choice of renewing their license monthly or they can buy longer-terms to save on fees. For more information or details on how the MSS risk-free long-term discounts work click on this LINK.

Notice to vacate is not required either. Most businesses are fluid and circumstances can change quickly. That is why MSS never asks for or requires notice to vacate.  The business simply uses up the term of their license and (sadly) kiss’ us goodbye.