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Who Are We? Where Are We?

Who Are We And Where Are We? See Google Location Map Below.

Masterton Self-Storage started trading in 2006 with just 16 lockups. Thankfully at that time we had a very good relationship with a security alarm company called ABC Security (ABC) because of our previous business on the same site. ABC was also the main security alarm firm for major self-storage businesses in the Wellington and knew their management well. Because of this relationship and because we were newbies to the self-storage industry ABC was able to arrange for us to inspect other facilities and meet with the owners.

The owners of the Wellington-based self-storage businesses said we have just one piece of advice for you. And that is, ‘many people think that if you set up a self-storage facility it will run on its own and is just a passive income. This is not true. A self-storage business should not be treated as just a add-on bit-on-the-side for some extra cash. They are a full-time and full-on business. Treat it as such, spend time looking after your customers and your staff, and the business will look after you’. And it has.

Now in 2024 we have 240 purpose-built well-ventilated, security alarm-monitored lockups including 27 different sizes (no point buying more space than you need), we have covered as well as open-air vehicle storage, and we have 8 office rooms that we lease out. Just 3 of our storage lockups are shipping containers because with this type of storage we cannot guarantee to keep your stuff dampness free from condensation.

If you are anywhere near my age, you will remember Alan Martin of LV Martin & Son. They built a very successful and respected business selling appliances because of their promise to their customers. That promise was, “If you have a problem ask for me by name, Alan Martin. I’ll put it right because it’s the putting right that counts”. I was too young to be a customer of Alan’s but to today it struck me as the best way of doing business. That is why the same policy has been adopted by Masterton Self- Storage. If you have a problem, ask for me by name, Julian Moss, and I’ll put it right.

Or, if your wish, you can try my private cell number; 027-589-4796.

We will not try to sell you anything but rather find a solution to solve your problem.

Where Are We?

Masterton Storage

291 High Street, Masterton

We Are Not All Things To All People


  • We do not require a bond (except for security swipe-cards).
  • We do not require notice to vacate. You just use up your term (which is by the week, by the fortnight, by the month, or by one of our long terms discount options) and say I have now vacated.
  • There is no penalty for breaking long terms. If your circumstances change and you need to break your long term, we simply refund by the week the time you have not used. You will however loose your discount because you must do the time to get free storage.
  • We do not offer shipping container storage because we can not guarantee damp-free from condensation. Yes, they are cheaper, but it is not what you pay for a thing but what you get from your money that is important. Shipping containers are great if stuff can handle a bit of dampness or what is being stored is of little value. Therefore, people who refer this kind of storage are probably not the customers for us.
  • Our customers have safely stored things like pianos, violins, firearms (with police knowledge and approval), legal and accounting documents, classic cars and boats, antique and expensive furniture, artwork, and paintings,
  • Some customers use the facility as a business hub. As a place to have a satellite branch. As a place that on-the-road reps can have stuff easily delivered or picked up by courier.
  • There are 240 lockups and 27 different sizes here – no point buying more space than you need.
  • Although our office hours are 9:30am to 4:15pm every weekday except statutory holidays we are available to our customers every day during daylight hours. You can phone us any time after hours and we will answer the phone 80% of the time. This also applies to people looking for storage too. You can phone with an enquiry after hours and we will answer the phone 80% of the time during daylight hours.

Reach Us

291 High Street,
Masterton, 5810



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