Vehicle Self-Storage And Parking Options.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Have Or Can Be Stored?

Commercial or fleet vehicles, custom cars, hot-rods, motorcycles, caravans, campervans, motorhomes, quad bikes, small trucks, boats, yachts, and trailers. Meet Rover, he will take care of your baby.

What Vehicle Self-Storage Options Does Masterton Self-Storage Have To Offer?

  1. Individually security-alarmed and monitored, fully enclosed, garage-type lockups ranging in size from ideal for a motorcycle (or 2), small single car garages for suitable for small cars, standard single car garages suitable for cars or vehicles up to 5.7m long, and large single car garages long enough (8.8m), wide enough, and high enough to take an over-sized vehicles like an RV. If it is important for you to have your vehicle stored or garaged in its own separate and individual lockup then Masterton Self-Storage can provide a solution. This is like Business Class storage. From a stock of 240 lockups 80 of them are single-car garage size.

  2. This building is referred to as the Island Block as it is located in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by individual lockups as seen in the photos above. This storage option is kind of like Premium Economy. It is a poled car-(vehicle)-port and can also take over-sized vehicles.
    The main benefit is that vehicles stored under the roof get greater protection from the sun and the rain – being the 2 main elements that break down paint and rubber. As for security, the Island Block is watched over by 2 CCTV cameras that operate 24/7, and a floodlight on the area most of the night. By far the biggest user of this under-the-roof vehicle storage are commercial operators. They find that not only will the building help protect their vehicles from the elements, but they can come and go easily, and they have direct access to State Highway 2.
    By viewing the Site Plan at the bottom of this article you can see the location of the Island Block within the facility.

  3. The third option is just as secure as the Island Block, but vehicles have no protection from the sun and the rain. Masterton Self-Storage calls these spaces Hardstands – they are effectively Economy Class. As with air travel classes your vehicle will still arrive safely and on time, but it just will not have the same level of weather protection as the other 2 classes – but Hardstands cost much less.
    The photo below is an image taken from 1 of 18 CCTV cameras located strategically around the facility so as to try and avoid any blind spots. This one camera can easily capture all the Hardstands with a very high resolution. The photo shows the South (self-storage) Block to the right, a solid wall of Masterton Self-Storage shipping containers to the top, and part of the facility’s southern boundary security fence to the left. The property on the left-hand side is one large residential section and the neighbours themselves, who are very pleasant people, live there in a grand old homestead.

  4. What Security Is In Place?

    Masterton Self-Storage has made security their top priority because it is security that our customers want and value most of all. To date we have spent over $135,325.00 on security including but not limited to a 2.4m high chain-link and barbed-wire boundary fence, and a comprehensive electronic security alarm and monitoring system. It is swipe card access only (Masterton Self-Storage does not issue PIN numbers to be used at a keypad for entering the facility because if a PIN number gets into the hands of a dodgy person, they can give that PIN to 50 of their dodgy mates – where is the security with that?). There are 18 CCTV surveillance cameras with night-time vision, periodic night patrol guards, and there are 19 floodlights that operate throughout the night controlled by sensors or timers. As well as this there are staff on site every weekday from 9am to 4:30pm and a staff member is available by phone for emergencies afterhours (during daylight hours only) and including Saturdays and Sundays and statutory holidays.

    No other storage facility in the Wairarapa comes close to this level of security. Has Masterton Self-Storage invested in this much security because it has had break-ins? No. To date we have had none while other self-storage places in Masterton have had burglaries. We have taken these proactive measures firstly to avoid as best as possible our customers having their stuff stolen and secondly the reputational fallout from a break in event would not be kind to us.

    Site Plan

    The Site Plan shows the complete layout of Masterton Self-Storage in true scale. Careful planning and placement of buildings has meant that large furniture removal trucks and vehicles towing trailers have never had a problem manoeuvring around the site.

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