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To Store It Or Sell It
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Too Much Stuff? Turn Unwanted Stuff Into Cash ($$$) At My Place?

To Store It, Or Sell It Free Through Masterton Self-Storage?

This How It Works:

Over a long period of time, the cost of having stuff in storage can mount up. Although there is obviously stuff you never want to give up, we know there is other stuff you no longer want so could quite happily turn into cash. That although Masterton Self-Storage (MSSL) is in the business of making money to pay staff, to pay the owners, and to pay for things like but not limited to tight security, and maintenance, it is not all “take” and no “give”. Therefore, we have devised a service (using Trade Me only) that not only saves you time and money but also puts money back into your pocket.

Yes, you will need to take and pay for one of our lockups (that is unless you already have one) to do this but the minimum term is for just one, the first, month.

Once you have chosen a lockup room of the size you think is best suited to the amount of stuff you want to sell (we have 27 different sizes – no point paying for more space than you need) you would then, you yourself, put the stuff you want to auction/sell off into this lockup room. We think an ideal size to use to get the best return on investment is between 10 and 15m/3 (or between one-fifth and one-quarter the size of a single-car garage). These lockups range in price from between just $30.00 and $49.00 per week each depending on the location at the storage facility – much less if you use it long term.

You would then provide us a basic list of items being offered in the auction but however all items in the lockup room will be sold as one package. The package will be sold as-iswhere-is, is in second-hand condition (but you can quote individual items as brand new if in fact they are), and with no warranties or guarantees of performance, completeness,or standard.

Masterton Self-Storage will insert the auction in Trade Me using their account. That means we will control and manage the auction. This will include Masterton Self-Storage taking photos of the items from the doorway of the lockup room and formatting and inserting the text into the Trade Me auction entry. Masterton Self-Storage will pay any expenses to advertise the auction as it sees fit and at their sole discretion and will use its extensive database, and social media accounts, to notify the public of the Trade Me auction. Masterton Self-Storage will include the auction’s terms and conditions inside the Trade Me auction entry.

The bidder will not be able to cherry pick the items they want, (as mentioned, all items in the lockup room will be auctioned and sold as a package) and they will be required to take EVERYTHING out of the lockup room if they win the auction.

Masterton Self-Storage will, with your permission (you must provide Masterton SelfStorage a padlock key or combination number to your lockup’s door padlock), take would-be auction-bidders to view the contents of your lockup room but the would-be auction bidder will not be allowed to enter the lockup, handle any items, or be left alone while viewing the items. Masterton Self-Storage will not charge you a commission for assisting you to sell your stuff off by auction. That means the auction will be commission free and is a free service.

Masterton Self-Storage will advise you there should be a reserve but just for $1.00. Further to this we do not believe there should be a Buy Now price. However, the seller’s instructions in all cases will be observed. If the auction does not reach the reserve or there are no bids, then you can either instruct us to run the auction again or remove your items from the lockup room. Remember, the minimum term for using a lockup room is one (the first) month even if you only use it for, say, 14 days. After the first month you can pay for your lockup room week by week if you want to carry on. This also means, if the auction is so successful and that the entire exercise only takes, say, 2 weeks, there is will no refund in fees paid for the use of the lockup room. But of course, you can if you wish immediately hold another auction from the same lockup room at no additional lockup room expense providing the second auction is completed inside thefirst month. But once again, if the second auction extends past the first month, then fees can be paid week-by-week until the second auction is complete, or you decide to terminate it.

If Masterton Self-Storage has a successful auction but the bidder neither pays or collects the stuff, Masterton Self-Storage will not be responsible or liable in any way. But however, Masterton Self-Storage will use all Trade Me provided options, in consultation with you, to take action against the buyer through the Trade Me avenues.

The successful bidder will pay Masterton Self-Storage directly before they will be allowed to take position of the goods. They will pay either by using cash, internet banking, by using the Masterton Self-Storage website payment portal, or by using the Masterton Self-Storage in-house eftpos and credit-card terminal. Once the buyer has paid in full Masterton Self-Storage will pay you the residual amount in full only less the Trade Me auction expenses at cost i.e., no margin will be applied. In order for Masterton Self-Storage to pay you, you must provide us with your bank deposit details as all payments are paid using internet banking.

TYou cannot use any of Masterton Self-Storage’s many discount options when taking advantage of this service unless you have an existing arrangement in place, or you want to use your lockup room after the auction for a period of note less than 3 consecutive months.

There are a few conditions but these 2 are important:

One: In the unlikely event your auction does not meet the $1.00 reserve, or the bidder does a runner (although we would run the auction again) you agree to come and collect and remove all items before the end of the first month and or by and agreed Term. The only reason for this condition is to make sure that stuff being put up for auction is saleable and not rubbish.

Two: Another important condition we impose on our customers is that to use this service all items being offered for auction must be usable and reasonable condition and not stuff they would otherwise send to the tip.

Option – Or Donate Your Stuff To Charity.

If you wish you can donate your stuff to charity and Masterton Self Storage will sell it in the same manner as above and you will not be charged any lockup room fees. Except for the lockup room as a place to run the auction Masterton Self-Storage will forward all profits on to either The Woman’s Refuge, Saint John’s, or a charity of your choice.

Terms And Condition (T&Cs) Apply.

Phone us on Free Phone 0800-(SELF-STOR) 735-378. Or email us at info@storagemasterton.nz