Helping Businesses

Helping Businesses
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Helping Businesses Build Their Business. How?

Who Will Be At The Storage Lockup When Your Rep Is Not Here To Meet And Assist Courier And Truck Deliveries? We Will.

Making Your Business Operation At Our Place More Efficient By Providing A Pick-up And Drop-Off Point Assistant For Your Goods.

Many of Masterton Self-Storage’s (MSSL) customers are businesses. Businesses (or companies) love to use MSSL’s facility because MSSL has full-time staff on site every weekday, the lockups are drier and more secure, and the property is easily accessible directly to and from State Highway 2. Most of MSSL’s business customers need deliveries or pickups by trucks or couriers when their staff are NOT at their lockup, and this is where MSSL solves their problem. Because MSSL have staff on site every weekday from 9am to 4:15pm (except statutory holidays) MSSL facilitates these deliveries and pick-ups for their business customers. MSSL helps by unlocking the roller door to their lockup room which allows the delivery item or items to be placed inside the lockup by the truck or courier driver. Once the delivery is complete, MSSL staff will then text the company’s rep, traveller, or tradie to let them know goods have arrived for them. And finally, MSSL staff will also make sure the truck or courier driver has locked the roller door to the lockup either immediately after the delivery is complete or before they go home at night. This small but convenient service supplied by MSSL most certainly saves the company time and unnecessary running around expenses.

If the item being delivered is tiny MSSL will also assist the courier driver to by inviting them to drop the item off at the MSSL office. MSSL staff will then place the item inside the lockup during that same day or the company rep,traveller, or tradie can advise MSSL they will collect the item that same day directly from the MSSL office.

Other Business Benefits Are:

Masterton Self-Storage does not ask for or require a bond for Self-Storage Lockups, Vehicle Hardstand Parking And Self-Storage, Office Rooms, or the SH2 Display Yard. This is because customers are issued a license to use these spaces instead of renting them. The only bond we take, and it is just $200.00, is for the return of the security alarm swipe card.

Notice to vacate is not required either. Most businesses are fluid and circumstances can change quickly. That is why MSSL never asks for or requires notice to vacate. The business simply uses up the term (which is usually monthly – month by month) of their license, and kiss’ us goodbye.

The Following Types Of Businesses Either Currently Or Previously Use Masterton Self-Storage.

Most businesses want to do their due diligence for peace of mind on a selfstorage business before using them. If you wish to speak to any of the decision-makers of these businesses, please email us which ones and we will ask their permission if you can phone and speak with them.

If Masterton Self-Storage can solve these businesses’ problems, we can
solve yours too.

  • One of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s (NZ) biggest breweries.
  • A leading NZ heath and cosmetic firm.
  • Several central government departments or SOEs.
  • A leading NZ medical equipment supplier.
  • A leading NZ distributor of cordless power tools.
  • A leading NZ distributor of pet food.
  • A Wellington-based roofing membrane installer.
  • A leading NZ distributor of plumbing hardware and equipment.
  • A prominent NZ distributor of merino wool products.
  • A leading NZ installer of vehicle windscreens.
  • A local accountant for document storage.
  • A local iwi for document storage.
  • A leading NZ distributor of heat-pumps and air-conditioning plant and equipment.

Try us free for one, the first month. If you think we have let you down, not performed, or misled you, what has it cost you? Nothing – $000,000,000.00.

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