How Much Does A Self-Storage Lock-up Unit Cost?

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Storage Fees.

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$30.00 per week

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$45 per week

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Starting From ($30.00 per week)
Average Weekly Around ($45.00 per week)

The first question most people ask us is, “How much is your storage”? That’s a fair enough question and in order to give you the best price we first need to talk to you about what you want to store. That’s because there are 4 main things that determine how much self-storage costs:

Number One; Purpose-built lockups; 95% of Masterton Self-Storage’s facility is purpose-built. Therefore:

  • From a stock of 240 purpose-built lockup units we have 27 different sizes – how much space you need is one of the main contributing factors on price. Having 27 different size units (ranging from an 1/8 the size of a single-car garage size to units twice the size of a single-car garage) means we can usually fit you into the right size – not one that’s too big and therefore costs more than you need to spend.
  • Purpose-built lockup units (i.e. fit for purpose) are made in the same way as a typical modern-day house. This means we can and do guarantee your stuff stays dry (for more information see the Guarantee section of this website) and is properly ventilated. It also means inside temperatures remain more constant. As example we have or have had lawyers, doctors and accountants store business documents in our purpose-built lockup units, we have or have had artists store their paintings with us, and we have or had musicians store their musical instruments with us. Therefore, you too can feel more confident in storing your valuables and household items and furniture in our purpose-built lockup units.
  • Purpose-built lockups can cost more (not necessarily) but remember, it’s not what you pay for a thing but what you actually get for your money that’s important.

Number Two; Shipping container self-storage is sometimes the cheapest option. About 5% of our self-storage stock are shipping containers but their limitations are:

  • Generally, there is only one size available (slightly more than ½ the size of a single-car garage) which means they could be far bigger than you need or not big enough if you are storing the contents of a 3 or 4 bedroom house so you may need more than one container – making it very expensive.
  • Because they are completely made from steel dampness and condensation does affect stuff stored inside (especially during cooler weather) although you can buy and install moisture absorbing products, but that’s an additional expense and they need to be replaced or topped up regularly.
  • Most shipping containers are usually painted dark colours which means they attract heat and get very hot inside especially during in warmer months. Their poor ventilation as a result of their almost air-tight construction also impacts on inside humidity and temperatures.
  • Our advice is, if your stuff has little financial or personal value then shipping container storage can be a good option worth considering.

Number Three; Other things that determine cost is the length of time your stuff is in storage? The longer you use us the cheaper our rates are. Refer Long-Term Discounts.

Number Four; How well the stuff is stacked into the storage lock-up also has an impact on price. We generally find the furniture removal firms are better stackers than most of us which means they will get your stuff into a smaller space and therefore it’s cheaper for you.

Everybody has different requirements and different amounts of stuff to store. Therefore, you’d find it very worthwhile phoning for a chat. Or coming in to see what available size best suits you. Or better still fill out an inquiry form at the bottom of this page and send it to us – just scroll down.

What Happens If We Do Not Have The Right Size Lockup For You?

When we run out of larger lockups, we often put a multi-lockup package together for our customers. It is called compartmentalising. It does not cost you any more than one large lockup and there are in fact advantages. The 2 main benefits are; you will usually get more storage space in 2 smaller lockups for the same money as one large lockup, and you can store items into individual lockups which is very handy if you want to get at specific stuff, sort stuff, or sell specific items off?


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