Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

There are 4 main things that determine how much it costs:

What size lock-up do you need?

Masterton Self-Storage has 230 individual proper purpose-built lock-up (unit/s) at this facility which is made up of 27 different sizes. The reason for this is, no two people store the same amount of stuff. That means to avoid paying for more space than you need we’ll get you into the right size lockup. This way is far more economical which saves you money. Come and have a chat and we’ll get you into the best size.

Who stacks your stuff into your lock-up?

Although most of us can do a reasonable job of stacking our stuff into a lock-up it’s unlikely we’ll do it as well as a furniture removal company. You see, furniture removal people stack stuff in a truck to stop it moving around while on the road. Being experienced stackers means they’ll get more stuff into a smaller unit. Smaller lock-ups are always more cost-effective.

The longer your stuff is in storage the greater the savings.

If you are giving us long-term (6 months or more) business, it means less work for us. Therefore, there must be something in it for you too – and there is; a cheaper price.

We have long-term discounts starting from 5% all the way to almost 25% depending on the length of stay. For more information click here.

Shipping Container Storage.

Shipping containers can be good for storing items of little or low value. This is because of their limitations, including:

  1.  Just one size (32m/3) which is equal to just over half the size of a single-car garage. This makes shipping container storage very uneconomical.
  2. Subject to condensation in colder days and months. Read about the effects of condensation here.
  3. Subject to heat and humidity in warmer days and months.
  4. Little or no ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause furniture to go mouldy.

Why Do We Provide A Money-Back Guarantee And How Does It Work?

Shipping containers are flooding the market and being offered suitable for self-storage. We know that without something to stop condensation dropping (like building-paper) in the winter months drips will fall from the under-side of a house roof – that same thing happens inside shipping containers – they drip condensation on to everything below.

The opposite happens in summer. Temperatures can get so hot (exceeding 50 deg c) inside shipping containers that it can melt the glue that holds your furniture together.

The storage lock-ups at Masterton Self-Storage are all purpose-built and fit-for-purpose using the same construction as a modern house except without insulation in the walls – temperatures are far more stable. That is why we can offer such a comprehensive money-back guarantee for all of our lockups except our shipping container storage. We guarantee if your stuff gets damp from condensation not only will we refund any money you’ve paid but we’ll replace or repair any dampness-damaged items.

Is My Stuff Insured By Masterton Self-Storage While It’s In Storage?

In short ‘no’ because we have no idea what our customers are storing, or the value of their items. However, Masterton Self-Storage exceeds insurance industry security standards for self-storage facilities. Masterton Self-Storage has been inspected by insurance companies who are delighted with the high standard of security (including 24/7 CCTV, fully monitored security alarms, and Armourguard patrol inspections). Our advice is, if you currently have insurance for the items you are putting into storage write (email) to your insurer and tell them where it is – put it in writing to them. What we can say is, to the best of our knowledge, none of our customers have been refused having their policy cover their stuff at our facility. That’s because the insurers can see your stuff is probably safer and more secure with us than at your place.

What Hours Are You Open?

Masterton Self-Storage is not a bit-on-the-side business for someone that has some spare warehouse space, or yard space for some shipping containers and want to make some easy cash.  My wife and I are local owner-operators. We are here to manage this business 7-days a week with our office open every week-day from 10am to 4pm – and usually an hour either side of that but before coming down phone to confirm. The only week-days the facility is closed to the public (customers can come and go 7 days a week using an electronic swipe card) is statutory holidays and during the end-of-year shutdown between 20th December and 4th January.

If you want to inspect our facility but can only make it on Saturday, we can usually accommodate you – prior arrangements are essential.

I Want To Put My Own Stuff Into Storage. How Easy Is It Get My Trailer To My Lockup?

Masterton Self-Storage has been designed so that customers towing trailers have just a small amount of backing if any at all. Further to that, if the weather is foul, many of the units can be unloaded or loaded under cover – which means your stuff stays dry.

We Are Planning Ahead And Say, “We Don’t Need It Today, But We Will Need It Soon. Will You Have Anything Available When We Need It”?

Masterton Self-Storage never knows from one day to the next what we can offer. We know we will never be 100% full because people are always coming and going. But however, occupancy is consistently between 95% and 98% full. That means if you turn up on the day you need somewhere to store your stuff chances are we won’t be able to get you into the most economical size – or anything at all for that matter.

To solve this problem this is what we can do for you; We will allow you to book a storage lockup free for 2 weeks before you need it, and this is how you do it:

2 to 3 weeks before you need it climb on the phone and call us or come in and see us. Together with you, we’ll select the best size unit for your needs. To book it free all you need do is pay a booking deposit (equal to 1 month’s storage fees). Once that’s done together with completing the paperwork, it’s booked free until start day.

Then on the ‘start day’ you just turn up with your stuff and you’re good to go. For further information click here.

Do We Have To Come In To Arrange Our Storage Lockup?

We understand it may not possible to take time out of your day or schedule to come in an arrange a lockup to store your stuff. Or you may be along way away or even overseas. No problem. After taking time to discuss your needs (either over the phone or by email) we’ll select the best size for you. We’ll take some photos of the storage lockup and send it to you via email together with the paperwork for you to inspect. If you agree with our proposal all you need do is pay the booking deposit on-line by banking direct or forward credit-card details and it’s booked free for up to 2 weeks before your stuff comes in. Too easy.

Do You Have Pests And Insects Etc At Your Facility?

The only way pests and insects come into our facility is as stowaways in our customer’s stuff. Unfortunately, no one admits to that but to control it we have a robust solution; twice a year we get a pest-control officer to spray and bomb – that takes care of any issues. End result, we have not had any problems or complaints.

Office Rooms For Lease.

At the Masterton Self-Storage facility we have 6 individual and separate office rooms for lease. Each office is ideal for a one or two person business. 

The office rooms include or have the following options available:

  1. Modern, clean, and well maintained ammenities: This means you will have a great ‘first impression’ for your customers or clients when they come to see you.
  2. Location: Being located on State Highway 2 (SH2) you’ll be easy to find by clients and customers and you can use it to advertise. Courier and truck delivery operators will find it convenient to pick up and drop stuff off. Main road advertising.
  3. The rent, overheads and general business expenses are all reduced. This is because even though the office rooms are all separate and private the property is one. That means rates and insurance are included in the rent and we all share equally all the other expenses like, but not limited to; electricity (there are no line charges or connections fees), secure high-speed fibre internet connection for each tenant, monitored security alarms and CCTV cameras.
  4. Private parking for your vehicle is available and a specific set-aside general parking area for your clients and customers which will make them feel special and valued.
  5. Some office rooms have heating and cooling heat-pumps/air-conditioning included.
  6. Additional parking or a storage unit for stock.



Who owns Masterton Self-Storage – is it a big Ozzie firm?

Masterton Self-Storage is owned and operated by locals. We live in the community, we contribute to the community, and we spend what they earn in the community.

We Have Heard We Can Hold A Garage-Sale At Your Storage Facility To Sell Our Surplus Stuff, How Does That Work?

Free If You Are A Current Masterton Self-Storage Customer

If you have too much stuff and want to turn it into cash, then you can hold your garage sale at our place. It’s simple; you insert the details of your event on Facebook (or similar), we get together with us a couple of days before the event to discuss customer parking arrangements etc and planning so the event doesn’t interfere with other customers. Then you’re good to go.

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