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Get it Storage-Fee Free For Up To 2 Weeks Using Our ‘Early Bird Booking System’.

Because we are usually 95%+ full if you just turn up on the day you need storage chances are we won’t be able to help with the most economical size – remember, we have 27 different sizes and fees are generally based on size. But however, you can book it free of storage fees for up to 2 weeks before you need it – it’s just conditional on you using us for your self-storage requirements. That means you are sorted and won’t incur fees for your lockup until your start date.

Why Is Booking In Advance Not Only Essential But It’s Also Sensible – And It’s Convenient.  

‘Booking in advance’ has been set up so you can secure the best possible unit size for your stuff – for free. It also means it’s available when you need it, and it works in with your plans and moving timetable. Who needs the additional stress when you can get peace of mind that your storage is sorted?  Because, as mentioned, if you just turn up on the day you need it, we don’t know if we can help.

How To Book It Storage-Fee Free – It’s Easy.

We can do this remotely – you don’t need to come into the office to do this although you can if you want to. There are just 5 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the inquiry form at the bottom of this page – just scroll down.
  2. We’ll either email you some information or phone you for a chat.
  3. We’ll then email you a proposal (quote).
  4. If you agree with the terms and conditions, you’d then pay a booking deposit which is equal to the first month’s storage fees. No need to sign any paperwork now – this can happen any time up to start date.
  5. Done and dusted – good to go – easy.

Is There A Penalty If We Cancel Our Booking?

Once you have booked your self-storage lockup it will be held free of self-storage fees up until the ‘Start Date’. The Start Date is set by you or within 2 weeks of paying your booking deposit – whichever the sooner. This is conditional on you using the self-storage lockup you have booked. However, if between the time you pay the booking deposit and ‘Start Date’ you decide to cancel you will forfeit your booking deposit. This is because while a self-storage lockup is being held for you for free, we cannot offer it to anyone else which means we could lose another paying customer. It is about both sides being fair. Masterton Self-Storage first introduced this offer in 2013 and until to today 75% of our customers use this system. During this time no one has complained that this policy is unfair as they completely understand.

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