Dine Free On Your Birthday

Masterton Self-Storage Treat Their Customers To Dine Free On Their Birthday

Masterton Self-Storage (MSLL) has struck a fantastic arrangement with this fabulous Masterton restaurant. Masterton Self-Storage management and staff are regulars at CBK Masterton (CBK) because we love the food they serve, we love the ambience of the of the restaurant, and we love the way the staff take good care of us. Because of that and because we don’t want to send our valued customers to some lousy joint, we approached CBK who said we’d love to spoil your customers on their birthday.

No tricks. No lies. No gimmicks. Just a heap of fun and a great way to celebrate that special day. All our customers need to do is send us their birth date day and month (not year) – we don’t want to know how old they are.

They say if it seems too good to be true it usually is…but not in this instance.

There are a few small and simple conditions:

Customers can dine on their own (you poor lonely soul) but should ideally celebrate with friends and or family – there is no maximum or minimum number that have to join you. 

The birthday person ‘only’ can choose one free ‘main course’ of their choice for themself, but the free offer excludes all other guests dining with the birthday person, liquor or drinks, starters, entrées, and desserts, or anything else other than the ‘main course’ for the birthday person.

Bookings will be taken per table. There can only be one birthday person per table.

About a week before our customer’s birthday, we will invite them to place a booking at CBK at a time and day convenient to them, but it must be during CBK’s usual business hours and days. If CBK are full on the day they want to celebrate, they can make a booking on a day and time that suits the customer. Customers will not be forced to dine during the restaurant’s quiet times. 

In the unlikely event the restaurant withdraws this offer, MSLL won’t be liable for the ‘main course’ but will seek to get a replacement restaurant – which could take time.