Our Price Will Not Be Beaten – Explained.

Our Price Will Not Be Beaten Or We Will Better Any Other Self-Storage Price From Around The Wairarapa By A Massive 50% Explained Here In More Detail.

When Masterton Storage And Lockup Limited (Masterton Storage) ask their customers what is most important to them other than a fair and competitive price the answer is always the same, ‘We want our stuff to come out of storage in the same condition as when it went in’. Masterton Storage understands this and is committed to achieving the same thing which is why we can be so bold with our ‘50% off’ other prices.

As mentioned, it’s not what you pay for a thing but what you actually get for your money that is important.

Masterton Storage guarantees that if you can find the same size lockup elsewhere in the Wairarapa as you would like to use at Masterton Storage that you can pay less for that is cleaner, is drier, has individual lockup (and or common areas) electronic security alarm monitoring, has swipe card access only (Masterton Storage does not issue PIN numbers to be used at a keypad for entering the storage facility because if a PIN number gets into the hands of a dodgy person they can give the PIN to 50 of their dodgy mates – where is the security in that?), has more than 18 CCTV cameras for surveillance with night-time vision, has periodic night patrol guards, has specialised and designated full-time staff on site every weekday from 9am to 4:30pm and who are available by phone for emergencies afterhours (during daylight hours) and including Saturdays and Sundays and statutory holidays, and has 19 floodlights (has all of these benefits combined), then Masterton Storage will better any other price by 50%. 50% is a massive amount but we are comfortable with this because we are so confident Masterton Storage is THE best and most cost-effective purpose-built self-storage facility in the Wairarapa.

Masterton Storage has 240 purpose-built self-storage lockups plus but just 3 shipping containers (plus hard-stands for outside vehicle, campervan, RV, boat, and trailer storage). This guarantee and offer exclude the 3 shipping containers because Masterton Storage cannot guarantee shipping containers will always be free of dampness from condensation in the winter and that the inside temperature will not exceed 37 degrees Celsius in the summer.

What this means is other storage facilities may on the surface appear to be cheaper but only because they cannot, do not, or will not offer and or provide the benefits Masterton Self-Storage does. Always remember, the memory of poor quality lingers long after the advantage of cheap price is forgotten.