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9. Padlocks are graded on what we have found to be the most suitable for storage lockups – based on onsite stock. Our objective is to offer robust fit-for-purpose padlocks with some being a better quality than others. However, it’s reassuring to know it’s our monitored security alarm system and CCTV camera system that does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your stuff safe, not the padlock.
9.1. ‘Good’ Quality – 3 Keys – Best Suited For Internal Lockup.
9.1.1. The photo shows 4 padlocks however we sell them on their own. These padlocks are better suited to our internal lockups.
9.2. ‘Better’ – 2 Keys – Solid Brass Suitable For External Lockups.
9.2.1. This padlock offers more resistance to the weather and are more suited to outside access lockups.
9.3. ‘Best’ – Combination Lock – Solid Brass Suitable For External Lockups.
9.3.1. Combination padlocks are often more preferred because keys can sometimes be lost – but combinations can also be forgotten. However, generally they are more convenient.

How Much Is Your Storage?

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Purpose-Built Lockups

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The Size Of The Storage Lockup Suite Has The Biggest Impact On Price

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