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9. Padlocks are graded on what we have found to be the most suitable for storage lockups – based on onsite stock. Our objective is to offer robust fit-for-purpose padlocks with some being a better quality than others. However, it’s reassuring to know it’s our monitored security alarm system and CCTV camera system that does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your stuff safe, not the padlock.
9.1. ‘Good’ Quality – 3 Keys – Best Suited For Internal Lockup.
9.1.1. The photo shows 4 padlocks however we sell them on their own. These padlocks are better suited to our internal lockups.
9.2. ‘Better’ – 2 Keys – Solid Brass Suitable For External Lockups.
9.2.1. This padlock offers more resistance to the weather and are more suited to outside access lockups.
9.3. ‘Best’ – Combination Lock – Solid Brass Suitable For External Lockups.
9.3.1. Combination padlocks are often more preferred because keys can sometimes be lost – but combinations can also be forgotten. However, generally they are more convenient.

How Much Is Your Storage?

The first question most people ask us is, “How much is your storage?” That’s a fair enough question and in order to give you the best price we first need to talk to you about what you want to store. That’s because there are 4 main things that determine how much self-storage costs:

Purpose-Built Lockups

Masterton Self-Storage lockups are all purpose built. They are made from using the same construction methods and materials as a modern home. That means they are always drier, they are always cleaner, and they are always more secure than any other self-storage in the Wairarapa because every lockup (and or common area) is individually electronically security alarm monitored. Insurance companies love it, and you will too.

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How To Stack Your Stuff To Avoid It Getting Squashed And Damaged

Generally, furniture removal companies are the best and most efficient ‘stuff’ stackers. That is because they stack it snuggly like they do when they move stuff in a truck. The problem is the stuff at the bottom usually gets squashed. To get around this problem Masterton Self-Storage supply what we call bench shelves. Bench shelves not only help prevent stuff at the bottom getting squashed, but they also make stacking easier, they help you to organise your stuff so it can more easily be found while in storage, and they make your lockup safer because stuff stacked high is often very unstable and therefore can be dangerous if it falls.

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The Longer The Term Your Stuff Is In Storage The Cheaper The Price.

Masterton Self-Storage has 4 main long-term discount options. With 3-months you will get one free week, with 6-months you will get ½ a month free, with 9-months you will get one full month free, and with 12-months you will get 1½ months free. Yes, you do have to pay in advance but if your circumstances change and you need to break your term you are not penalised as we simply refund the unused time by the full week. We look at it this way; the less work for us the bigger discount for you. It is a win-win-win – you win, we win, and we both win moving forward. For more details Click Here.

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The Size Of The Self-Storage Lockup Suite Has The Biggest Impact On Price.

Masterton Self-Storage has a stock of 230 lockups (plus we also have covered and uncovered vehicle, campervan, caravan, motorhome, and boat self-storage) made up of 27 different sizes (from one-8^th^ the size of a single car garage to two-and-a-half times the size of single car garage). One or two sizes does not suite all. Why pay for more space than you need? Although the lockup size and shape are shown in animation here there is no substitute for physically viewing what is available. Viewing is easy as staff are on site every weekday from 9:15am to 4:15pm except statutory holidays. We can also meet you on site over the weekend by special appointment. Getting an estimate or fixed quote is easy. Just scroll back up this page to the ENQUIRE NOW button or Click Here to go to a Contact page, then scroll down to the Get In Touch field.

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