The Bloody Cook Strait Ferries.


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What’s In This Edition?


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  • This month’s piece of inspiration; It’s better to burn out than to fade away. Neil Young (hey, hey, my, my, rock ‘n’ roll can very die).
  • Marriage vs Partner – or perhaps Lover?
  • Building a new home or renovating? I was, for 40 years, a builder working on extensions, renovations, and new builds before I changed career to self-storage in 2006. Therefore, if you have any questions about a project you are contemplating or currently having carried out, ask me and I’ll try to answer.
  • Motorhome tips: Same with motor-homing, RVs, and caravan questions. Having been a ‘freedom camping troublemaker’ for more than 15 years I have a feel for what works, what doesn’t work, and pitfalls.
  • Hazards – More Storage.
  • Understanding Your Storage License (LA).


The bloody Cook Strait ferries. Jackie and I have/are at the end of a 4-week tour of the South Island in our bus/motorhome. We arrived in Picton last Tuesday for a Thursday morning sailing – then the storm hit and our sailing was cancelled. Have rebooked but not until 7th April. Between storms and breakdowns, the ferries have been a nightmare lately. We accept the last storm is just one of those things and no one wants to 6m-swell ride home but the chaos it causes is huge (I get it – may every problem be so small). However, we are fortunate that Diane (our amazing employee) can hold the fort and there to help you all. At least I can help out remotely if need be. Inspiration

Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young (American folk-rock band) has left us.

Too much sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll I reckon but hey, hey, my, my, (Neil Young) I’m just a jealous guy (Brian Ferry – Roxy Music).

Marriage, Partner, Or Lover?


I had to laugh but agreed. Sally, a delightful customer of ours, and I, somehow got into a discussion on marriage and partners. Sally was telling me she had been married for more than 50 years before her husband sadly passed away, but even so she came across as being a strong, no-nonsense, but delightful person.  She said she couldn’t understand why couples used the word ‘partner’ to describe their relationship. She said, in a very determined voice, ‘The word Partners is and should be used to describe business relationships, not personal couple relationships. Therefore, you are either married or lovers when describing people living together, not partners. Lovely.




On average men die three years earlier than women and do you know why?

Because they want to!

But seriously we all have an allotted span on this earth and I’m a firm believer that we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.

fine wine

So, what are you doing to indulge yourself and the people you love? Are you waiting until everything is just right which will be a terrible shame if you don’t manage to make it until then?

So go ahead! Drink fine wine, travel to exotic places, make love in the surf and share magical experiences… but do it now.

You don’t know how much sand you have in the hourglass of your life so the time to do the things you dream about is now. Winston Marsh…one of Julian’s mentors.


Tips From 40 Years As A Builder Or Running My Own Design And Build Firm:

One tip at a time – this month.


If I was ever going to build again, I would employ a project observer – not a project manager. Someone who understands residential building that can report back to me on a weekly basis. Building projects are expensive and all too often shortcuts are taken – and then covered over. As I say, you need someone with a reasonable understanding of construction to observe the build and make sure those super important things are done at critical times. Some people will think they don’t want this additional expense but feel it’s an investment not a cost. Basic stuff like:

  • Is building the in the correct location. You’d be amazed how often they are not – expensive mistake.
  • As each concrete pour is taking place: I saw photos from the Canterbury earthquakes of snapped floor slabs. One reason for this was, when the concrete was placed the contractors trampled the steel reinforcing to the bottom rendering the steel useless. Out of sight out of mind – until a disaster happens.

Having a project observer on site is a health and safety consideration and could be contentious. Some builders won’t like it, but good ones will embrace it. Of course, it would need to be written into the building contract that this person will observe work being carried out and can go onto site unannounced at any time. Their only obligation to the building contractor would be to adhere to the contractor’s health and safety policies, procedures, and requirements. Otherwise, the observer should take photos and report back to the owner after every site visit. I accept that building inspections by a council building inspector are to take place at the most critical times but it’s an inspection and not an observation of ongoing work. Sometimes architects carry out observations, but this is generally for very technical projects. Yes, your builder may hate it but too bad as new builds cost a lot of money if they go well but bucket-loads more if things are done poorly.

Put a question to me but if I don’t know the answer I’ll know where to find it.

By the way, I am not offering or suggesting I will or would be an observer, even if I do have the experience.

Site Hazards


As most of you are aware we are building more self-storage lockups at the facility – in this instance I am the observer. The affected areas are either fenced or barricaded off. Even so please take care and keep away. We hope to have them finished around the end of June – 2023.

Understanding The/Your Self-Storage License Agreement


All documents and agreements evolve as a business evolves and Masterton SelfStorage is no different. You have selected the most convenient term (length of time) for you which could be the week, the fortnight, the month, or a long-term discount option such as but not limited to 3-months, 6-months, 9-months, 12-months, or even longer as decided by you. When your term ends you must renew your license. Renewal happens when you pay for next term. Please be aware that when you pay it means you agree with all the terms and conditions of the most current MSLL license agreement. A copy is always available at the office, or a copy can be emailed to you, or you can view it at our website – https://storagemasterton.nz/blog/ – no need to sign a new agreement unless you want or need to.

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Julian Moss

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