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Storage Shelf Unit – 1830mm X 1220mm X 610mm – Or Similar


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11. Storage Shelves – 1830mm X 1220mm X 610mm
11.1. One of the first questions we are asked is, how much for one of your storage lockups. There are a few things that determine cost but one of the biggies is how well or efficiently is stuff stacked. I’ve seen people get a lockup far bigger than they need and have wasted space and therefore paid more for their storage than they need to. Our advice is, unless you are employing a professional furniture mover then consider installing or hiring storage shelving.

How Much Is Your Storage?

The first question most people ask us is, “How much is your storage?” That’s a fair enough question and in order to give you the best price we first need to talk to you about what you want to store. That’s because there are 4 main things that determine how much self-storage costs:

Purpose-Built Lockups

95% of Masterton Self-Storage’s facility is purpose-built. Purpose-built lockups can cost more (not necessarily) but remember, it’s not what you pay for a thing but what you actually get for your money that’s important.

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Shipping Container Self-storage

Sometimes the cheapest option. If your stuff has little financial or personal value then shipping container storage can be a good option worth considering

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The Longer You Use Us The Cheaper

Other things that determine cost is the length of time your stuff is in storage? The longer you use us the cheaper our rates are. Refer Long-Term Discounts.

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The Size Of The Storage Lockup Suite Has The Biggest Impact On Price

We generally find the furniture removal firms are better stackers than most of us which means they will get your stuff into a smaller space and therefore it’s cheaper for you. To view all 27 different sizes go to the Book Storage.

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